Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So... I need to remember to NOT work my ass off prior to a horse show. Sigh.. I don't know what I'm thinking sometimes. Between the 82 hr week, then the 40 hr week, then another 82 hour week coming up... the bad weather, the stone bruise, and the missing shoe.... Poo.. Just POO!! 

So yeah... after our AMAZING XC school (I'm going to focus on that!!), Fleck got Sunday and Monday off. Luckily I was able to get Kip to meet me today and get the shoe back on before our dressage lesson. And Fleck was sound.. if not really loose... It was like riding an octupus. And I guess it's just because I didn't have him really connected? I don't know. It was sort of a frustrating ride today. 

I started out trying to get his back up and it took awhile...I was trying hard not to do too much, but still felt like I was constantly fussing at him, especially at the walk. Then Cindy got a hold of us and had me halt and reinback. Ack.. it was fussy! So we fixed that (yay) and then Cindy had us walk on. She said to pick up the trot but imagine reining back first. So... in other words, really half halt and sit him on his hiney. I really like this trick!! It was really helpful for me. So then we did the same thing from the trot to the canter. Good stuff! 

Then she had to sneak away for her meeting because she ran late, so I let Fleck have a breather. Peri helped me with the turn on the haunches. I just cannot get it!!! Still, going left.. I screw it all up. Peri told me to ride it by starting it with a haunches in instead of shoulder in. That actually really helped. It's essentially a half pass pivot. Not a shoulder in pivot. So that helped, but of course I'm blocking him with my left hand and left leg. And I have to really get my right leg back to keep him from stepping over with that inside hind instead of turning. Well, when I do that.. it works for a step or two and then I get all scrunched off and off balance. Sigh.. but we did make progress.

So then Cindy came back and we went back to work. We did some canter three loop serpentines and one was bad (I was leaning forward, rushing, and sliding side to side instead of forward with my hips), and one was good. Then we did some canter half-pass. Although I doubt it was a real canter half pass. BUT.. I did have two or three steps of what felt (and looked in the mirror) like a true canter half pass. Yay! But in the process of that... we sorta had an all out come apart! Fleck isn't truly in my outside rein on the right (tracking left) so he's too strung out and then bracing on the left rein. So I try to correct it on the left rein, but instead I should be connecting him and putting him together and upright on the right rein. I felt like I was really trying but I just couldn't hold on to him long enough. Argh... so we had a freak out, but then I managed to get it. And then we had a nice canter to walk, so we quit with that.

So .... good work, but a little frustrating too. But oh well. I've got stadium tomorrow with Beth, then it's a day off because of work, then off to Pine Top! I hope we can get back to last Saturday. I think mostly it was because of my mood. I'm just grumpy because I'm sick, haven't been sleeping well, and am sick of working and working and working!!! One day off to myself is just not enough. Especially when you add in the bills, the grocery shopping, the laundry, the inventory for the e-clinic, etc... I'm just .... tired and grumpy. 

But I'm sure that Flecky will cheer me up tomorrow :) Maybe I'll even sneak in a trail ride first. That always cheers me up. AND... my jump saddle should arrive tomorrow too!!!!! So yep.. reasons to smile. I'll feel better soon!

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