Friday, March 8, 2013

Hog Heaven! Sounds about right!

So.... not much time to ride this week because of work Sun, Mon, and Tues and then the day practice Thurs, Fri and Sat morning. So that meant that I needed to ride Wednesday. And of course, Wednesday was super cold and windy. But... I WANTED to ride! Not only did I need to ride, I wanted to ride. So we did. I bundled up and put Fleck's quarter sheet on and we braved the weather. We had a pretty good dressage school. Again, no stirrups! We worked on what we worked on with Hokan. Mostly getting him stretched over his topline and connected. Then I did a few movements from the prelim test. We had some good work and probably one of our better leg yields off the wall to our bad side. And we had some good canter work too. Of course we also had some spook and bolts when the wind was especially brisk!! Silly almost half TB. :)

Then we did a quick trail ride because once we stopped working.. it got cold!! 

So yep... Can't wait til Saturday! It's supposed to be back up to the 60's or higher. Not like today... high of 45 with a windchill of 35!

No idea how we managed this!! I got off and this is what his bridle looked like. Hee hee... I guess he rubbed or something at some point. Doh!! Fleck's trying to bring back the side pony! :) I'd say he's ROCKIN' it!

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