Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Early Morning Snuggles

Okay, so not that early but don't tell Fleck. He was a big ol' sleepy head today. I must have caught him mid-dream... I wonder.... what would Fleck dream of?? Jumping big jumps? Swimming in his lake? Sending the little squirt far far away... ? Ha ha! 

Anyways.. I came home from work and noticed Dan asleep in the grass. He got up and said hi and then I saw Fleck in his stall. Poor guy.. there's NO shavings in there because... well, it's just not staying dry. I managed to sneak in and get some pictures. He was so cute. Then I got to snuggle with him and he just laid his head in my lap and fell back asleep. It was so sweet. For a minute. Then I got paranoid that he was dying! He NEVER stays this sleepy... especially at breakfast time. So.. I got up and clucked. Nothing. Went and got feed buckets. Nothing. Danny even walked partially in his stall and Fleck pinned his ears and snaked his neck but didn't get up. Oh dear... I was about 2 seconds away from calling Christina and making her come out. Luckily I took a breath and went and got his halter. I put it on him and clucked and he sighed and got up. Walked out and looked at me like "yeah.. I'm up... so??". I took his halter off and he yawned and then turned his butt to me for scratches. Ha ha... guess you're okay buddy. Guess you're okay. 

Thank God! After that I guess he wok up because he ate well and got more scratches and then was chowing down on his hay. And his wound is looking better. I opted to not shove antibiotics down his throat this morning after his scare. Just in case his belly was tender. Though he had good gut sounds. 

But it was nice to snuggle for a bit. :)

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