Friday, August 23, 2013

Triple Time!

Three days of dressage in a row!!! But it was GLORIOUS!!! Oh, it felt so good to get back down to work. Though... I do admit to getting frustrated with Fleck today. They were watering the arena and... he just kept spooking away from it. Not bad.. but in that I'm going to throw my barrel out and fall in and NOT go into the outside rein which you have been working so hard to accomplish kind of way. At first I let it slide.. I even giggled, glad that he feels well enough to be "spooky". But after the 8th or 9th time... I got a little frustrated. Come on Fleck.. you're 16 years old. You've been in this arena just about weekly for a year or so. You've passed her with the water hose at least 10 times. And it's a water hose!! You are a big bad event horse! So I got a little frustrated. And it showed in my riding. Argh.. shame on me. But once we got over that... we had some really good work.

I felt like today was less pretty, but I think we accomplished more. I was a bit more spazzy today. There were a few times where I thought "oh dear God, what on earth is my body doing?!?". It was spazzing the heck out, that's what! ha ha.. But we made some good progress too.

Cindy reiterated today that it's ALL ABOUT THE SEAT!! I can get slow and even and even round. But now I need to start asking for lift and suspension too. BOUNCE! :) And you know what... when I bounce my seat and ask him to lift his back.. he says "Sure thing". What?!?! That button wasn't there before! I'll take it. I just need to remember that he has the capability and can do it. But he's not going to if I don't ask. :)

Another few things from today...

Prepare earlier!!! My leg yield zig zag figure 8 thing was a disaster because I was too caught up in getting him perfect and not preparing as well as I should have. Or as quickly. And I also need to allow the 10 meter circle with my outside hand and leg. Then when we do the leg yield.. don't just shoot off the circle... leg yields are more straight than that. 

But yep.. mostly use my seat. He listens well to it.. so use it! USE IT HOLLY!!!

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