Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gallop time!!

Oh and it felt so good!!! After three days of dressage in a row, which don't get me wrong, was nice, was so good to get our gallop on. I think Fleck agreed. We met Cindy at Ashland this evening for a ride and it was such lovely weather! Hot still, but not bad at all for August with a nice cool breeze. We hit the trails and hacked and chatted for a good bit and then finished in the field with some intervals. Nothing too rigid as we were having fun. We did two trot sets and then two canter sets. Fleck was having fun with Buddy. And at one point we even raced the tractor. ha ha.. We won. ;)

It was a great evening and I had a blast! It was good to get Fleck stretched out. However, his left front is bothering him just a hair. He kept swapping to the left lead to canter which is odd for him. He's much happier on the right lead. But I think that put a bit more pressure on that laceration. Which, by the way, is looking great! But when we kicked it up a notch and went for our gallop stretches, he swapped back to his preferred right lead. Interesting stuff. I think I need to focus more on strengthening that right lead so he's more even. But then I worry that if he's protecting something, should I push it? But I guess the answer is to slowly build him up and maybe he won't have to work so hard to protect whatever it is he's protecting?!?!

Anyways, regardless, glorious day!


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