Thursday, August 22, 2013

He likes it, he likes it!

My horse is amazing!!! He was just as happy to be back into work as I am to have him back. Yay.... We had a really good dressage ride today! I did a lot of giggling!

The key points from today are.... soft flexible arches in my feet. They aren't supposed to be stiff! And if I remember to ride with my calves on (the sides, not the backs) my arches are easier to keep soft and not stiff. And I need to remember to turn my shoulders and upper body without my hips. Another key point... Hips FORWARD in the transitions, especially the downs. No sashaying back and forth with my butt. Hips forward!

Then we had some really really nice half passes! I don't know why, but I insist on over-exaggerating my outside leg when we go left. My right leg goes WAY back... and there's no need. Fleck half passes just as nicely when I barely move it back. :) Doh!! Start with a whisper...he doesn't need me screaming at him.

Also, when I turn down centerline to do my halt... think halfpass!! It's so much prettier than when I panic and let him get stiff and icky. ;)

So much fun!!!

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