Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015: First ride of the year

 And it was a wet and wild Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride! :) It was rainy and gross and supposed to storm more. And it is supposed to keep raining for 3 days. So I sucked it up and went anyways because I hadn't been able to ride yet this year and I was itching to! (Granted it's only Jan 2nd, but still).

Work was so crazy that I had to take a little nap first, but I wanted to beat the weather. I only had time for one pony and since the weather was icky and I wanted good footing the whole way... I decided to go to Harbins. We did the 6 mile loop and worked on our fitness.

 It was fun! We started off without any rain but ended up having a light mist most of the way. Until the end. Then it become more of an actual rain and by the time we left, it was pouring. But it was fun. Rather magical in the woods with the rain. And it was just us. We had a grand time. We did a long long walk. Then a good solid 15 minutes of trotting. Then after a little breather we did about 5 minutes of canter. We walked and trotted some in the last two minutes but only because of the footing. It was twisty and turny and Fleck and I were having fun. Wheeee! Then we did more trotting and a smidge more cantering to get back to the trailer quicker as the rain was picking up.

Ahhh.... I feel better now! Happy 2015!

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  1. happy new year! those look like awesome trails for conditioning - nice footing and 6 mile loops?!? kinda jealous lol