Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye 2014

Oh 2014... it's been a good year for us. Not exactly what we wanted, but plenty of highlights. We missed out on our P3D goal, but it's okay. I learned that Fleck seems to have a tougher time in the Summer, so I plan to give him time off this Summer and focus on showing more in the winter, when he's happier. I have decided that some days he's going to have bad days. And that's okay. He can have them and it won't bother me. If he's having a good day, then great! If not, it's just a show fee and some time. I learned that he still wants to play most days and in general, most days are good days. We also got to go to the beach and had a fabulous time again.

All in all, a great year. Another year with my best friend, my soul mate, and my partner.. You can't beat that!

We celebrated with a lovely trail ride on a lovely day. I just wish that I could ring the New Year in the same way, but I've got to work tonight. And I have a feeling it will be busy.


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  1. great pics - and as a new reader it's great reading about your partnership with Fleck and recap of the year. looking forward to seeing where 2015 takes you!