Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It was a very long day for us today. But it was a blast and very educational. We got up at 5:30 in the morning and Peri picked us up at 6:30. We got to High Point and left the ponies snuggled in stalls with hay while we went to the lectures and learned about judging. It was interesting. It's neat to hear how the judges think and do things. We watched a few videos of some movements too and that was helpful. 

Then we went back to high point for lunch and then the riding demo's started. Fleck and I were in the first level movement group. There was two others - Kitty Coman and Julie Cochran. They are both so nice!! We all ran through movements of the new first level tests and then got to listen to the discussions on what everyone gave us. It was helpful. And they were nice. :) Fleck received mostly 6 and 7's, some 7.5's and there was a few more moves that he would have gotten higher but he was irregular in his hind end or he jigged from the free to medium walk. Doh! But at the end... he was just done. We were trying to finish on the canter change of lead through the trot at x. He can normally nail that movement. Ha! He kept running through it. She asked us to repeat it once or twice and Fleck just kept getting worse. He was saying "Heck NO... I am DONE with dressage for today!" Doh. But he was good until then. 

And... lucky for me! Cindy said she would barter with me. So I can get lessons on both ponies in exchange for adjusting horses. :) Yay! A good day. 

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  1. sounds like an awesome day! i'm really hoping to attend a similar style clinic reviewing the new tests (as a spectator, not with my horse) soon... glad Fleck was mostly very good! that bartering deal is great too - definitely a win-win