Saturday, January 24, 2015

trails with friends

It was a great day to go riding! I took Fleck out with Judy and Kelli and we had a fun trail ride. Fleck was definitely feeling grumpy though. Normally he loves Cash and Arwyn but as you can see, he was being a grump face. I think it's because something is still bothering him. He was just not quite right today. Kelli and Judy both could see something, but.. couldn't pinpoint it. We all think it's somewhat related to the back end. Although... that certainly didn't seem to stop him. Judy went for a gallop and I decided that I needed to go for a canter too if Fleck was feeling it. Kelli made some comment about riding without reins or something, so... as I cantered up the hill, Fleck wasn't kicking it into gallop mode, so I dropped the reins and pretended to fly with my outstretched hands. Yeah... Fleck was like "oh really"! So he took off into a bucking spree. Hee hee.. Gathered my reins and rode like a proper lady from then on. ;) But he did go for a little gallop and didn't seem any worse. So... I don't know what's bothering him or where, but whatever it is, it's subtle. Sigh.... Will schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown and see if we can fix it.

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