Sunday, February 8, 2015


Well... Fleck has a broken butt! Hee hee.. He pulled a hamstring. We got to Dr. Browns... eventually. Sigh... I woke up and went to load him and we had a flat tire. Sigh. So it took me an hour to get it fixed, but we got on the road and were only an hour late to Dr. Browns. And then I got the trailer stuck in his driveway. Sigh.. Mondays! Once I unloaded Fleck and it dried out, I was able to get the trailer moved without any trouble. Phew.

Anyways... I was telling Dr. Brown what was going on with Fleck and he was already zooming in on Fleck's hind end. He was looking at his butt and said that he thought he had pulled a muscle. The magic sticks agreed so we ultrasounded him. Sigh.. yep. You could see the bruising and such. The left semimembrinosis. So... I asked how much time off... "like 6 weeks?!" and Dr. Brown said "Yeah.. maybe... sometimes it can take much longer... like 5 months!" Eeeks..... 

So...fingers crossed. It is great news... he should heal fine eventually and we shouldn't have any secondary issues unless we get any scar tissue. And it will respond well to laser therapy. So yay... because guess who's business just got a laser!? :) :) 

So... I'll do my very best to give him time off and let his butt heal and I'll laser it daily or almost daily and.... HOPE AND PRAY that it doesn't take too much longer than a week to heal. ;) Ha! But seriously... how on earth am I going to survive!?!? I don't think I've gone more than a week without riding Flecky in 10 years. Even if he was on vacation we still did some walk hacks...

But it's not too bad. It'll be just fine. And after his vacation, we can get back to it. :) 

And... check this out. :) Kaitlyn was there with her mare and snapped this picture and posted on facebook how she was glad to finally meet the famous Fleck. :) And how he was so sweet. Awww...


  1. oh no - poor Fleck!! glad it's not more serious tho and hopefully it heals up quick and without issue!!

  2. Poor Fleck! Glad it's just a muscle issue though and just needs some R&R