Sunday, February 1, 2015

Better... and Worse... and Better....

 So... I adjusted Fleck and he seemed to feel MUCH better although still not 100%. Then Wayne came out and redid his shoes. He was overdue and I was hoping that was contributing. It was for sure as Wayne said he was also a little footsore in both front feet. He told me to try to harden up his feet with keratex. So we'll do that. He felt so much better the next day and we had a decent dressage school and then went for a hack. It was a good day. However the next day when I rode again, he was sore again. Still not as bad as he was the one day, but still not back to normal. It definitely seemed more aggravated after the shoulder in to the right and our left lead canter, which would indicate right hind. And I believe it's a hind end issue as I can feel a weird difference underneath my seat when he's trotting. So... fingers crossed Dr. Brown can fix us on Monday.

 Interestingly enough, we've had some lovely relaxed soft canter work. He's been quite soft and hanging in his neck. And he's still happy and game to try. We even got some really soft canter to walks. Our back to canter still has that moment of inversion, but at least our downwards are getting softer. 

Sigh... it makes me hurt to know he's hurting... So hopefully we'll get answers on Monday.


  1. good luck figuring out what's making him sore!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick and easy fix!