Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 11....

And we both caved.... 

I hauled the truck to the front field because the boys were out front. Fleck came screaming and galloping (and bucking and cavorting) up to the gate, so.... who was I to tell him no?! I figured I could groom him and put some keratex on his feet and with him sitting in the trailer it could soak in. And give him his pentosan shot. So he got to come. :) Which made him happy and me happy.

We did just that and luckily Peri had brought Sunny too so him and Fleck were able to hang out while we each rode our other kids. After I finished with Dan, I unloaded Fleck again. I just couldn't help it so I hopped on bareback with his halter! I was hoping to go graze him in the cross country field but I was running out of time so we just meandered about the parking lot briefly talking to Peri. But it was worth it!! 

I miss that bony butt of his. ;) And I think he felt good to be out and about too. Yay! 
So... he'll get more lasering and maybe, just maybe, if the weather cooperates, he can be my valentine and we can go for a short walk in the field together tomorrow. :) 


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