Monday, January 11, 2016

Cold Long Hack and then Hill Day

 Yesterday was a long hack so Kelli and I could chat and Fleck could recover from boot camp.

 Monday ended up being an errand day as Dr. Brown only had 4 horses so I decided not to drive that far and had the day free. By the time I finished errands I had enough time for Fleck but not Dan. So Fleck and I went for a ride. We did a 15 minute walk up the hills, then we trotted for a solid 20 minutes up and down the hill. Then we headed into the woods for a little hack and I was attempting to do some canter sets, but Fleck wasn't really interested in cantering today. We did two minutes along the scary path and that was it. Fleck wasn't feeling it today. Oh well. We then headed back to the arena and I did a few minutes of flat work. We got some nice stuff but our left lead canter felt AWFUL! Like... flat tire awful. Only it wasn't a lameness so much as a massive hip hike feeling or something Very odd. The trot felt great and round even and the right lead canter was fine, but the left lead was a hot mess. No one was around to look at him, so I just did some more trot work and got off. I adjusted him and he was out in the right pelvis... right SI, right ischium and right sacrum. I also adjusted a spot on his back. So... maybe that's all it was. I hope so... Because I'm optimistic for the season.

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