Friday, January 29, 2016

Sneaking it in....

I managed to get home early enough to get a ride in. I'm feeling the pressure of Sporting Days Prelim re-re-re-re-re-debut in a week. But it was nice to get to ride both boys. :) I hopped on Dan first to give Fleck's meds a chance to kick in (his respiratory meds) and was hoping for a nice hack on Dan so that I could then figure out what to do with Fleck. Well, Dan didn't quite cooperate. Of course. ;) So I ended up having the nice hack on Fleck. Especially with him missing that hind shoe still.

We finished as the sun was setting and as we were taking a picture I heard a voice say "Hi Holly".... I could not find where it was coming from to save my life. The sun was in my eyes. But luckily Fleck didn't freak out and we finally saw Alex and Ti coming out of the woods. :) We hacked back to the trailers with them. Of course at that point the sunset was glorious!!! I can't quite figure out how to time it at Ashland. Oh well. We had a good ride.

I think we ended up doing 5 ish miles. We walked and trotted and cantered a good bit too but nothing regimined. We just played. It was nice. :)

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