Friday, January 29, 2016

Feeling better about our re-re-re-re-re-debut at Prelim next weekend. :)

We had a jump lesson today with Beth at Wishing Tree. It was great!! And I am soooooo glad that I trusted my instinct on the saddle. SOOO much easier on both of us. :) 

So yep... we jumped out in the jump field. And my dumb self got distracted and forgot to stud Fleck, but it wasn't too bad. We slid in a few spots but when I rode properly by putting my hands down and using my inside leg and outside rein, Fleck was much more balanced and didn't slide. :) So... yeah.... there's that. ;)

Beth pushed us pretty hard which was perfect. The fences looked a little big but Fleck was in beast mode and just hopped over all of them. We worked on courses and me keeping my hands low, keeping Fleck supple and on the bit and balanced. And.. .its' amazing how that thought process gets me riding properly so that Fleck can keep a more balanced adjustable canter. And then he can go into beast mode jumping. :) 

We were a little frantic the first trip or two through but then once I concentrated on my hands, it got MUCH better. Our last course was actually pretty darn good. And Fleck was jumping the crap out of those big ass fences. We finished over the chevron and Beth said that the standards were 4 feet. It wasn't on the top hole, but the top of the chevron was even with the top of the 4 foot standards. And we nailed it!! 3, 2, 1, and float over :) Even the big oxers weren't bad :) 

Yay!! Hoping for a great XC school tomorrow at Cedar Ridge and then another good stadium lesson, either back at WT or at Ashland, before Sporting Days. :) :) 

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