Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Night Riders

I got motivated and snuck in a ride. It's actually quite nice at Ashland in the evening if it's warm enough. We snuck in two laps around the XC field before it got too dark and then we enjoyed the lights. :) 

Fleck was a bit amped up and rarin' to go but we had some good rides. I had some "lightbulb" moments with not blocking him with my inside or outside leg (specifically with the spiral in and outs) and we had some good work. However, he was too amped up to get good canter trot canter change of directions. Sigh. Oh well. 

It was still a good ride overall and a beautiful night. We even heard the coyotes singing as we started our ride. Of course afterwards.. when the lights were off and it was just us.. It got creepy! Fleck was staring intently into the dark and I swear I heard some sort of scuffling noise. But I couldn't see anything as the moon hadn't yet risen. It really kinda gave me the heeby jeebies, so we booked it out of there. 


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