Thursday, January 7, 2016

More intervals and hills

So.... the 2016 show season is going to be here before I know it! So... I decided today we would do some more interval/fitness stuff. It's hard because his breathing has gotten worse but he seems happy and eager to run and not distressed. I really need to get that heart monitor battery replaced so I can feel better about it. So I played with him today and kept a close eye on him.

 We did a 15 minute walk set, up and down the big hill in the XC field. Then we went for a 20 minute trot through the woods. Unfortunately I started to hear a bit of the breathing noise even at the trot today. What?! That's a first. Which makes me wonder if it's more allergies? Or some lung infection? Argh... But again, he's happy to go and do and as soon as we walk, he's grazing. So it's not like he's gasping for air. So then we finished at the XC field and we did 3 three minute canters. I made him canter a bit faster than Monday so we upped the ante a little bit. I also included a bit of a hand gallop at the middle canter set. His respirations went from 24 after the trot set to 36 after the second and third canter/gallops. So... still not bad. And within a few seconds he was eating grass. And he even trotted off again before I asked, so... we added a little gallop stretch to the lake. 

 So... I'm still worried. I mean, he sounds pretty wretched. Like a roarer. And it's hard to say but he almost feels a bit sluggish. But then my app keeps telling me our fastest speed was about 20 mph, which is typical for him. So clearly he's not going any slower. I really just need to get the heart monitor working before I get all worked up about it. It's just... I know I keep saying it.. but ONE MORE season... just one more... now that I've got the soundness stuff pretty much squared away... I feel like I'm getting ME and my mental state squared away... And now we have respiratory issues to deal with. Sigh... But ... who knows?! Maybe it's just noise and I'm getting overly worried for nothing. 

And if I'm not being paranoid and he's not fixable or can't run prelim because of respiratory issues... well, it's not the end of the world. So I didn't get my one last successful prelim season/run/etc. in. He owes me nothing. I'm being totally greedy.

But we both had fun today!!

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