Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cedar Ridge Fun

So... today was "let's see what we've got" day.... We went to Cedar Ridge to school with some friends. It was a fun group! And it ended up being a fun day. 

We started off warming up over a log or two and Fleck was fine. Happy to go but not rarin' to go. Which worries me.. but you know... I'm not always on my A game every time every day. But I still worry. So anyways, we jumped around a good bit and it was fine. Then we went to the banks and ditches and walked calmly over. Fleck and I sat and watched while everyone else walked repeatedly over.... since Fleck has been there, done that. He started to get a little pissy about standing around, so he was pawing. Yay!!! There's some of that spark! Then we went to the water and splashed around in there and did a little mini course. Nothing special, but not bad. He felt a little wonky behind... a little careen-y. Beth said that I needed to sit up and ride and balance him more. He was like that because I was letting him. 

So then we did a mini-course and it wasn't bad. He jumped the corner from the long spot without hesitating and jumped everything else decently. I was pretty happy with it. Beth said she saw NO problems with him. I told her he still felt sorta.... not balanced. She looked at me and said.... I say this with Love, but... you need to stop riding him like he's broken. You're making it worse for him. Ride him properly and he'll go happily! I guess I looked a little sheepish so Hannah jumped in with "GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER HOLLY!" hee hee... Cracked us all up. And so... I went and did a new course and rode him like I knew he needed to be and liked to be ridden... and it was awesome. He was back!!  We finished on that and he even jigged back to the barn. 

So... I guess maybe he's feeding off my worry... and maybe the pollen and sudden heat is making him a little less than on fire as usual. So.... I will give him some legends and listen to what he's telling me... but RIDE PROPERLY and see how he goes :) 

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