Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jump Day

So... I found some Legends and Fleck got a dose this morning. We hauled to Beths' for a jump lesson. It was fun. We did some good courses. Fleck jumped everything happily... except for the two jumps I threw myself up his neck a stride early on. Then he stopped like a good pony. Doh! We jumped a fairly big airy wide Swedish... and it gave me the creeps!! Shame on me... I jumped the one at Ashland just fine.. but this one was airy... wider.... bigger. But we did it. We did some tough turns, some tough terrain courses.... 

So.... He still felt pretty darn good despite yesterday. So... maybe it's all in my head. 

The key points from today were to remember to support him!! Don't abandon him. Ride forward through my turns but balance and then just maintain. Don't shorten to the fences.. but don't let him lengthen either. And when I half halt... I must add leg. 

Fun day!

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