Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gorgeous Spring Day with the Besties!

What a gorgeous day!!! It was the kind of day you thank God for. And I did! It was beautiful weather... sunny, 70's, nice light breeze, not humid yet. A TON of pollen, but I thanked God that I didn't have any pollen allergies, so it wasn't bothering me. I met Christina and Missy out at Ashland for a fun trail ride. Fleck LOVES both their horses... they are his BFF's! Zhar is the little black arab he went to the beach with. And Sham is his other BFF. He loves them both. 
 So we met up at Ashland and had a lovely romp through the woods and fields. We finished at the lake with some soaking and splashing. Sham had a blast splashing around like an idiot while Zhar and Fleck watched on while rolling their eyes. Hee hee.. They got into it to a little bit. 

It was a fantastic day. Just what we needed... a nice long relaxing walk through the fields. Then Fleck got to spend the rest of the day munching on grass in the front field. 

We do dressage tomorrow. He gets the day off Thursday, and then we head to FENCE. It's supposed to rain, so I'm hoping the pollen will go away. This morning Christina and I were chatting and she mentioned doing a CBC. It reminded me that this time last year I was worried and ran a PCV on Fleck, so maybe he just really hates the pollen. His poor little nostrils are yellow... 

Man I love this guy.... Look at that face!!!1

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