Monday, April 7, 2014

dressage and a hack

I was supposed to have a dressage lesson today but Sandy forgot so we had the day to ourselves. We did a little bit of ring work and then decided we would rather hack. So we went down to the lake and then headed back for a bit of work. After a little canter in the field Fleck was happier to work so we ran through our test twice. The first time was... meh! It was how I think I ride it in shows. Just getting through it and going through the motions. Doing the movements but with no pizazz. 
So the second time I RODE it. And I wanted it to be pretty! And it was! It was a significant difference I thought. In a good way. So I need to remember that for FENCE. RIDE it... don't just get through it. Make him soft and supple and through his back and using his topline. He's happier now, so take advantage of it. 
We finished with a bit of free walk to medium walk work. Argh. Frustrating, but I think I can figure it out. I need to really keep pushing for the long and low while I'm going across the diagonal. I tend to pick him up too soon. Keep him long and long until we hit the end. Then keep him supple and bent around my inside leg until I can gather the reins. And oddly enough.. it seems to be better if i use my outside leg and gather the inside rein first. 

It was a good chill day!

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