Monday, April 7, 2014

Jump Lesson

Poor Flecky. I think he's a little bit hock sore. Drats... shame on me. I knew it was coming... But I was putting it off waiting on his IRAP to come through. Argh. Oh well. 

We took it easy and worked on me. I need to make sure to close my leg at the last stride and not abandon him. I'm getting better at doing "the clam" and with my hands. But now I need to remember to not abandon him. We started out by jumping three fences from the trot. And they were pretty decent sized fences... two of them oxers! Eeeks!!! But I learned how to close my leg at the base! :) Fleck was good. Of course. ;) 

So we'll get his hocks done and carry on. :)

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