Monday, April 14, 2014


So... Missy and Zhar and Fleck and I went on a trail ride at the horse park. We were going to mostly take it easy but wanted some cute photos if the opportunity arose! Which it did :)
We went on the "extreme" trail which had some steep hills. Good for those stifles!
Then we came to this! Ummmmm.... this normally looks like what is just under their noses with a small little creek crossing. Hmmmm.... Trek on boys!
Okay...what's happening??? :)

It was a lot more water than we thought. It stretched on more than we figured and got a bit deep. Especially for Zhar. :) Luckily our trusty steeds carried on and we came to the end. 

Turns out that we had gotten so much rain, that the river was up to the edge of the field and overflowed! We were standing there looking at the river at the end and it lined up with our footing! We even saw a log go flying past! Crazyness. I really didn't think we had gotten that much rain. But apparently!

It's a gator!!

But we survived and made it back in one piece! :)

Of course we had to make a pit stop for some fun action shots....

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