Friday, April 25, 2014

Jump lesson

Oh yeah... Flecky definitely feels good!!! He jumped awesome today!!! It was a bit weird at first though. He was very calm and mentally quiet, but his canter was spot on for jumping!!! It was neat to have "that" canter for big jumps without the extra mental spazzyness that often comes with it. Unfortunately, MY mental spazzyness was still present so I chased him to the first few. Once I realized he was on and just not spazzy, I was able to calm myself and we had some really nice canters. So since it was obvious that it was ME that needed help, we worked on me. I'm still standing on my toes and having my leg fall back so we worked on that. I'm doing much better with the clam but apparently can't close my leg at the same time. So we worked on keeping my feet in front of me but also being able to close my leg. It essentially means I have to turn my toes out, but for now, that's the better alternative. 

We also worked on getting those darn changes. I keep messing them up. Beth says I'm not actually changing the bend, so he can't get them. I think I'm overthinking it again and counter flexing him too much prior to asking. And I'm tipping forward onto his forehand so when he does get them, he's only getting them in the front. 

I did manage to ride properly at some points. ;) And we did some fun stuff. Some tight angled lines (of which I try to angle WAY too much.. it's not right standard of fence one to left standard of fence two Holly.. it's middle to middle!). We had a fun grid, and some fun lines. 

Good day... good day!

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