Friday, April 25, 2014

Hacking at Home!

I spent the day with Dr. Brown, sucking knowledge from him. :) Luckily, we got done early and I was able to get home in time to sneak in a ride. Rather than haul, I decided to ride at home. 
Fleck was still a little back sore so I went to work and did a big long chiropractic session on him. He did adjust out of his acupressure points mostly, so I thought I'd see what we had. He was just a bit goosey the last two rides and not quite 100%. But nothing I could pinpoint. 

I got on and we headed to the front field. I put him into the trot and he was lame! What?!? Oh no.... Just on a loose rein, he was off. :( So...we walked a bit more and then I thought "Well, let's see if I can figure out where it is". So I picked him up and we trotted up the hill and he was sound. Hmmm.... So I put him to work. And he stayed sound. I ended up doing a nice long regular dressage school and he never put another foot wrong. Odd.... I don't know if he was just anticipating being sore or if he just needed to stretch out or what. But hey, I'll take it. 

We worked on getting him even in both reins and not overbending and relying too much on the right rein. We did some leg yields and some half pass. We worked on an uphill canter. We had fun!

Great way to end the day!

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