Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday Flecky!!!

Today Mr. Fleck turns 17!! And he looks FABULOUS! :) Being that it is also Easter, we had family festivities (that I actually got to partake in as I was actually off work!!!). So, I got up early and Fleck and I went for a morning hack to enjoy his special day. :) 

We didn't quite beat the sun, but we weren't too far behind it. :) We had a glorious ride and just enjoyed each others company. I also spent some time thanking God for all he has done for me and all he has blessed me with. I thanked Jesus for all he has done. We are so blessed! 

I'm oh so grateful that Fleck came into my life and that we were able to have more time jumping together. But no matter what happens, he'll always be my bestest trail buddy. 

 ha ha... what a goof!!! Love this guy.
 Jeepers.. he sure is dashing!
 Looking GOOD for an old man Flecky!

 Chasing the sunrise
 Fleck's favorite spot, so of course we had to sit for a bit.

 Such a peaceful morning, spent with the bestie


Happy Birthday Fleck!!! Thank you for all you have given me. I hope I can make this year a great one for you.

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