Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back from Vacation!

Mr. Flecky got some time off so that I could go to the beach. much as I missed him, I desperately needed beach time. It was so good to go and relax and rest and just... let things go. And eat well. And hang with Mike. And not worry. And now I feel ready to tackle the world again. And happy with my life choices. And less stressed about Fleck and what will happen with him. Maybe... just maybe... I'm okay with not eventing him anymore. Although I won't lie and say I don't want to jump. Because I do. But I'm also realistic and know myself and know that after he really gets back in shape and is feeling good, I'll probably want to take him back out. And I may even want to take him back out at prelim. But you know... that's okay! I'm going to worry about it later. :) 

So yep.. the beach was good for me. The poor ponies though. It was HOT while I was gone. And it's going to get hotter. But I couldn't help it. Despite the 95 degree weather, I couldn't resist and took them for a ride. 
I got on Fleck first and we walked about 10 minutes and headed to the ring for a quick little flat ride. I would have done more, but Alex and Lisa and Rebecca showed up for a trail ride so I decided to join them. But I did get some work in. Fleck and I had a respectable turn on the haunches to the right. :) Whoo hoo. Except now I've broken the left one. Of course. And we had some nice leg yields. And our trot was okay, because he was a little hollow trying to figure out who was who and what was going on. But it was fine. I decided that I wasn't even going to try to fix my canter aids for the right lead. I was just going to keep asking by sitting a stride until my brain learned the right way. And of course it worked. It wasn't our best canter, but it was passable. 

So then we joined them for the trail ride. It was hot. And buggy. And humid. But we had fun. I made Fleck stay round. Okay... I attempted to make him stay "not inverted". And it worked most of the time. I tried really hard to not rely on the reins as is my bad habit. I did a lot of bend your barrel right, bend your barrel left, lift the reins (touch my boobies! hee hee....) and it worked. Much better than grabbing his face did. But man... I didn't realize how handsy I have gotten. It's a hard habit to break. Sorry Flecky.

We stopped briefly in the lake but the other ponies were rollers, so we didn't get to play too long. Plus I still had to ride Dan and it was getting late. But it was nice to get a ride in. :) I've missed this goof!


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