Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fancy pants are back on

So whoo hoo to Fleck... boooo to me! I swear... why on earth can't I get this?!? Doh! I swear it's the same old same old. I should really go back and read these blog posts before each ride. Maybe then I could actually learn. ;)

But it was a good lesson. I rode Flecky first, which made him happier I think. We had a good ride and worked on getting a nice slow trot and then adding suspension. Cindy said that Fleck doesn't just naturally give it to me, but it is there. I just need to ask for it. :) (I heart her!! She's always so positive and encouraging).

So... we specifically worked on me blocking that outside shoulder of his. I don't know why I feel the need to correct it. It's not even that bad. But I panic almost and try to block it. Instead of trying to fix it with the outside leg of mine, I need to fix it by fixing the ribcage. I need to make sure my inside leg is at the girth and on, let my outside leg go back a rib (stop trying to physically move the shoulder Holly, and focus on wrapping the rib cage around the inside leg), then keep the outside rein connection to shorten the outside of his body, and then ride that. I can also think about riding his right foreleg to his sternum. So like riding a shoulder in. BUT... not by throwing my outside leg forward. That is not how a shoulder in is made little one! That is how bad riders make a shoulder in, but we will not be bad riders anymore!! 

And Fleck got a little fancy :) So.... whoo hooo!!
Hee hee... Fleck! That is not your fancy dressage horse face!! ;) 

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