Sunday, June 28, 2015

New shoes

Well... he was better today. Wayne redid his feet yesterday and they did look pretty rough. The aluminum is so soft and his feet were growing over it. And the heels were caving in, pressing on his heels. So... maybe?? Wayne said he was definitely soft on his soles and positive to hoof testing. So that could have been it. We tried a different shoe for him this time. It's an "excaliber" or something like that. Slight wedge but less than with the aluminums. It is steel, so it should last better, but it's heavier. It has a rolled toe, which should help with the breakover. I figured it was worth a try.

Today in my lesson he felt better. There was a few steps here and there but nothing glaring. That flat tire feeling was gone, but there was definitely some bobbles. Cindy said she didn't think she saw anything other than a few steps of him pushing over to his left front to offload the right front. We had a decent ride working on the usual. Nothing spectacular. 

So... we'll see how he improves. I am scheduling a full out lameness work up. I want my Flecky back.... 

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