Saturday, June 20, 2015


Really?!?! What is wrong with my pony?! :( 

He felt great the other night. Tonight, he had a flat tire. I think it was behind, but maybe it's the right front again? Soooo frustrating. I don't know whether to give up, whether to take him back to Dr. Brown, whether to take him to Rood and Riddle.... or what to do. :( Maybe it's just an abscess or bruise again, because his shoes are about to fall off. Or maybe it was chiropractic because after my ride I adjusted him and he was out at C7 and his shoulder on the right, his back, his pelvis, and his knees. Maybe it's his knees? Maybe it's that right front fetlock still? It was worse tracking to the left this time, which could be high on the right. But that wouldn't fit if it's his fetlock. Sigh...

And such a shame because he really felt game. He was going and didn't seem sore or anything, more hitchy. But significantly hitchy. And when he was going straight, it was barely noticeable. And he felt good otherwise! Like good in the bridle. He and I are both starting to really get it. I was able to focus on riding right, not riding like I always do. I had to remind myself repeatedly, but I was able to stop blocking him with my outside leg. And I was working very hard on soft hands making him round instead of pulling him round. And it was working.

Sigh... so we did maybe 15 minutes of ring work after our walk warm up and went for a hack. And he was happy to walk, trot, and canter, in the ring and in the field. Sigh. And actually, during our walk warm up, we got some nice turn on the forehands to the right again. Now the left side is the hard side. 

Sigh.... I'm so frustrated. If Fleck isn't sound, my whole world turns upside down. And I know it shouldn't, but it does. It affects everything..... He's my world. 

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