Monday, June 1, 2015

Grids with Liz

Hmmm... somebody is glad to be jumping again! Too glad! He was a twit.
Liz and I decided to do Grids every Thursday we could. We started with Jimmy Woffords first grid in the grid book. And Fleck was pumped!! He kept charging through it and just getting flat and strung out. Liz wanted me to not hold him up, for therapeutic purposes, but she wanted him to jump round and arc, rather than jumping flat or twisting. And he was not jumping well at first.
So we breathed... and I breathed some more. I had to walk him into the grid to get him to not fly through it. But it worked. He was jumping quite nicely through the grids. I was basically just letting him figure it out himself and hold himself up.
Then we moved on to a single line. Yep... not happening yet.  I couldn't really take him to any single jumps because he was just flinging himself over them. So we decided to just stick with the grid for today and keep it small. Once we've retrained his body to jump better, we'll start going for more.

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