Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dressage Lesson

Giggles... I'm still not sure whether to be mortified or flattered... We had another lesson with Sandy and she just seems so flabberghasted at us! She keeps saying that she just can't believe the difference in the two of us from when she first saw us. She said we win the award for most improved in the least amount of time. Really though... I think it was all there. We just needed someone to push us to get that last 5 percent to complete it. :) 

It was a good lesson. We worked on the same usual stuff. Still boot camp for basic dressage. Ha! Dressage for beginners ;) 

It was good though. We got some really nice lovely canters! Nice and uphill and balanced and supple. He floated!  I still need to find the balance with the left rein when tracking right. I can't hold too much because then he can't bend, but if I don't hold some, I lose his left shoulder. But we figured it out a bit more. 

And then I really need to focus on that left hand. I really need to keep my thumbs up and not cock my wrist. And I need to pull down and back. And my right hand needs to stay back with my elbow bent. No more raising it. 

It was a good day. Cold, but Flecky worked up a sweat. As did I! :)


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