Monday, January 13, 2014

I missed you too Buddy!

Ohhhh Flecky Fleck... you big weirdo you! I missed him so much!

We basically had two weeks off because of work, then the flu, then Kansas. Oh, and the awful weather wasn't helping the situation either. But whatever, two weeks off is no big deal. He's had a light Winter already as it is, so... meh.

But today we're back in action!!! YAY!! The rain held off and it was quite pleasant out. I loaded both boys into the trailer and we headed off to Ashland. Danny stayed on the trailer while Fleck and I went out and did some dressage. He was pretty darn good for having two weeks off. We did our usual warm up and then got to work. He was tracking under well and there was no scuffing. But he was falling out behind more than usual, so we'll have to focus on our fitness and do some hills. We did our canter work and Fleck loved it. He cracks me up how excited he gets when we do walk/canter/walk transitions. We had some really good ones and then he felt like he wanted to do more, so...we picked up the canter and cantered down center line and did "five tempis"! :) We did five steps of canter, then walked five steps, then five steps on the other lead canter, then walked five steps, then five steps of canter, then halt! It was awesome fun. We quit with that and Fleck was still full of spitfire.

We headed out to the XC field to do some hill work and say hi to Kelly Eaton and friends. We said hi and Fleck and I started our hill work. They were finishing up so after about 6 up and downs the hill, they were heading back in. I figured Fleck would want to go too so we headed that way. But he had other ideas. He basically bolted and took off towards the end of the field. I wrestled him back (I had my gloves off and the icky ouchy reins and his dressage bit) and headed back up to the path to the parking lot. Well, he bolted again! So fine... you want to gallop, why not?! Let's gallop! That little turd galloped all the way to the lake, turned around and galloped all the way back up the hill to the path to parking! What on earth is going on Flecky?!? hee hee... I just had to laugh. I was finally able to get him to head back home after that. Guess he felt he deserved his gallop! And who am I to argue?


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