Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday from Fleck

Fleck gave me an awesome Birthday!!! It wasn't the best day in general, but Fleck was my shining star! I had some chiropractoring to do, so I didn't get to take Dan with us, but it was still great. We rode at Ashland and did some dressage.

Holy smokes!!! He was awesome!! Right from the start he was soft and supple and lifting his back. It was fantastic! We had some amazing leg yields, some wonderful and square halts!! Like repeatedly! We had some pretty decent canters too and some LOVELY three loop serpentines. And we even did four steps shoulder in, four steps half pass, four steps shoulder in, four steps half pass, etc. We also played with the canter down centerline to the trot to the halt. Lots of fun. Just a really fun, happy, soft and supple ride. :) :) It was great!

Which, come to think of it.... I adjusted his sternum prior to our ride. He was all grumpy and squealed and stamped his hindfoot as I did it, and then immediately licked and chewed and softened. Must have worked, because that was one heck of a ride!!!

At the end we went for a quick hack. Fleck was spooky! But I was giggling at him because during our dressage ride I had my phone playing music. And it was fine... we were just bopping around. As soon as I finished, Cotton Eyed Joe came on. I thought... oh, I bet Fleck likes this song. So I picked him back up to do one or two more loops just to see how he liked the music. Yeah.. negatory on that one!!! He made it abundantly clear he was NOT a fan of Cotton Eyed Joe and was insulted that I would think such things. Hee hee.. 

Goober. I love my guy!!!