Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Epic Faceplant

That's right...for both of us. :( 

But we're both just fine. :)

We had a jump lesson with Beth today and started out just fine. We were jumping and working on keeping him forward and in front of my leg but balanced and supple. Beth wanted me to to ride him into the wall created by my hands. And I just wasn't getting it. But I finally had a few good jumps and then... splat! Fleck jumped just fine and landed just fine, but then one or two steps later... he just didn't pick a foot up and fell to his knees. He skidded a few strides and then pretty much almost flipped. Of course, he threw me and I went flying into the ground. I was afraid he was going to land on me, so I tucked and rolled right and got out of his way. And he avoided me. Poor pony. He had dirt all in his bridle and on his face. He gave himself a slightly bloody nose and nicked his fetlock, but was otherwise fine. In fact, he acted like nothing went wrong. I think he was worried about his friend that had gone back to the barn. ??? He trotted out sound so I got back on. 

The plan was to just jump that jump and be done, but... I messed it up. He jumped it fine at the trot and then at the canter but I was upset. Not about the fall. That really had nothing to do with the jump. But I was upset with myself. I can't get my act together. I would get a few strides out and just freeze. And apparently when I think I'm freezing, I'm throwing my shoulders at him and taking my leg off. Sigh. So we did it another time or two and it was better but I told Beth I was still not riding well. So she made me count. Out Loud. I counted every stride until we jumped, and then I started counting again. And darned if it didn't help a lot. Beth said that I tend to overthink and by counting, I have to occupy the part of my brain that overthinks. So therefore, I just ride naturally and it works better. :) And yep.. it does. :)

So we ended with three good jumps and headed back in. Fleck was fine and stayed fine. No issues with him. I'm fine too. Not really sore even. The ground was soft. 

Fleck also got new shoes today. Wayne put slightly different wedgies on him to see if it'll help his heals. They have a bigger plate up front to help pull his breakover back and it gives him more heel support. We'll see if it helps.

So... trail riding tomorrow and then I probably won't get to ride until Saturday when I have my lesson with Sandy. And then grid day on Sunday with Beth. But jeesh... I need to get my act together. I feel so .... horrible! Prelim is so out of the question right now... I feel like I can't even get it together for novice. Sigh... But it'll come... I know it will.