Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Fleck and I manned up to brave the cold cold weather. And it was worth it!!! It really didn't feel as cold as it was. I think it was actually 35 but the windchill was 24 at the highest. But really, it wasn't too bad. I put a quarter sheet on Fleck, put a scarf over my ears and under my helmet, fleecy breeches, soft socks, my dublin boots, long underwear, sweetshirt, and fleece vest. Oh, and winter gloves. But really... not too bad!

We had fun trail riding. We took it easy because it was so cold and Fleck had two days off. And he had his appointment with Kathryn on Monday. Which was great! She said his knees felt awesome but he was definitely sore in his hammies. Poor guy. He cracks us up. He was giving her horribly dirty looks, but then loving on her. He would hike a leg and wave it at her, but never kicked her. Goofball! So then I adjusted his knees before our ride because he didn't let me do it the other day. And holy smokes!!! Talk about crunching!! Egads... His right knee was wretched. I think every carpal bone was out of place! The left knee wasn't much better. 

BUT... he hacked out great and felt awesome on the trials :) We had a blast. Tomorrow we'll do some flat work and then something else Friday and then it's XC schooling at the Gibbes all weekend. Whooo hooo!

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