Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good-bye 2013

Fleck and I said Good-Bye to 2013 with an excellent dressage ride! We worked on what we've been working on. We even got some really nice counter canter serpentines!

And while I'm not super eloquent with my words... I would like to try to commemorate some of the most fabulous moments of 2013. It was a good year. Fleck made an amazing comeback and I couldn't be happier with him. While I'm hoping that 2014 is also an amazing year, I'm just glad to have my friend. He really is the coolest, most fun, goofiest, awesomest BFF ever!

 We kicked January off with an awesome schooling show at Full Gallop. Fleck and I ran prelim and aside from one rider error stop, we rocked it.
 We froze our butts off at the Buck clinic but had fun and learned to "ride the landing".

 FENCE!!! Whoo hooo! Fleck and I had an awesome show. We were actually in FIRST PLACE after dressage!!! What what?? That never happens! We had some time on XC and dropped back to 6th, but that's cool. Clean at prelim :)
 Another clean Prelim run at Windridge. This one was kinda scary, but Fleck ROCKED through the steeplechase to bendy skinny line and was awesome.
 We made our debut at recognized dressage and got started on the bronze medal!
 We ran P/T at Pine Top and had the most incredible XC run. We were both foot perfect and had so much fun!
 Another run at Full gallop Prelim and we rocked it again!

 Awwww, snuggle time with the bestie.
 Lots of night ridings!

 We did a second recognized dressage show and showed 2nd level! We managed to get our second 1st level score and our first Second level score. Go Fleck! Way to hang with the big kids. I think there was even 4 in that class. :)
 We tried our hand at competitive trail and did pretty darn well. I was quite impressed with how well Fleck handled things. He did great. We'll definitely do more next year!
And... Christmas Parade pony!! Again, he amazes me at what he tolerates. :)

God... thank you for giving me this joyous beast!

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  1. Great pictures and sounds like a wonderful year for you two! Happy new year!