Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trail Ride and Canter/Walk help

Fleck and I are both suffering no ill effects from the face planting that occurred yesterday. :)

 Fleck got some new shoes too. Not super different but slightly different. They have a farther back break over an thus more sole support, as well as allow the shoe to go back a bit farther to help support his heels better. Yay!
 So...given those two events, and the fact that we wanted to trail ride, we trail rode! Peri joined us and we had a good time. We started out hanging out with Kim so she could school with Bear. After she finished, she left us and Peri and I went on a long walk. We had a good time. At one point a giant crane took flight just about under our feet! Both ponies were good and Fleck barely flinched. When we finished, Peri even hopped over a few fences with her new girl in the XC field. Yay! Fleck and I watched and then we made a pit stop at the ring as we headed back in. I wanted to see how he felt with his new "kicks". Peri watched and said he looked great. I didn't feel any ouchies or anything. Yay! And that was without meds. So then I did a quick canter to walk just for fun and Peri mentioned that I was bracing too much and needed to not lean back and brace because it was making him invert and slam on the breaks. So I tried to go with him a bit more and it was pretty decent. Then she suggested that as I come down to the walk, I ask him to leg yield just a step or two. So, for the right lead canter to walk, ask him to leg yield to the left for one step. It was VERY helpful!! It helped both of us not brace and it snagged Fleck's attention, which meant he wasn't immediately wanting to jump back up into the canter. Yay! Plus it helped keep his butt underneath him. Way cool!!

Now back to work :( 
But I've got a lesson with Sandy on Saturday and then I'll trail ride after. Then Sunday grid day at Beths' farm. Then Monday is his session with Kathryn. And I adjusted him after our ride today. Need to finish him and do his extremities tomorrow. Then he gets Tuesday off and then Wed is the start of a FUN FUN FUN week!!! Wed ride, Thurs ride, Fri ride, Sat and Sun XC schooling at the Gibbes!!! And then Mon another ride, Tuesday my lesson with Cindy, Wed another trail ride, and then back to work. 

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