Monday, February 24, 2014


I LOVE my pony!!!

He was a goober in the trailer waiting on Danny and I to finish. But of course, once we got back, he was all Kicky and grumpy to Dan. hee hee.. We headed off and it was like he knew we were going to see Zhar. He was on a mission and even ignored the horses in the XC field. And when he and Zhar met, they sniffed noses and then we were off on our walk. :) 

It was a good ride - we walked, we trotted, we sat in the lake and contemplated life. :) It was too short though... hopefully we'll go again soon. 

On the way back we were trotting in the XC field and he gave me a most lovely fluidy trot!!! It was gorgeous. Then we made a pit stop in the ring and I got two VERY nice leg yields :) Yay!!

Fantastic day!

 Where is he?!? I know he's coming!
 There he is!!!
 Hi Ol' friend!!! I missed you.

 Such a gorgeous sky!
 This looks convenient.... might as well scratch!
 Two leg yields and then we're done!
 Such a handsome boy!
 Say Cheese!!!!!


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