Monday, February 17, 2014

My Love! My Life! My Valentines Day Date

Well, since I didn't have to work and the weather finally cooperated... Fleck and I got to enjoy a nice fun trail ride and a teeny bit of field work for Valentines Day!

It was lovely. We had a nice long hack, and then finished with some work in the XC field. The footing was quite nice. We worked on bending and suppling at the trot and then played with flying changes. We didn't manage any but... I did get some good advice. I keep hearing to think of changing your legs...and I think that messes with me. I don't ask for the canter with my legs so much. And when I think about it during the change, I WAY overdo it. So... while I can't quite coordinate my aids for a true flying change, I am coordinated enough to manage them with one walk stride. So... I canter right... then walk, then ask for the left lead canter. It's not my legs changing so much as my seat bone lifting. But I can't quite figure out how to do that move without the walk step. But it's just a quick quick walk step in there, so we're on our way to getting them. :) :)

But a LOVELY way to spend my Valentines Day!!

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  1. Love the photos of fleck in the snow! He almost camouflages perfectly! We have a gelding on the Ranch named Leo who had similar coloring. Are you riding in a dressage saddle? It looks very comfy. I'm on the search for one right now is been quite the challenge! :( I'm looking at Wintecs currently.