Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Playing Hooky!!!

I couldn't resist!!! It was WAY too pretty of a day. :) I worked the Sunday and Monday overnights and was scheduled to work tonight too. But last night I had a migraine and we were slow so I pretty much slept all night at work. (love when that happens!!). So... I had to stop and renew my drivers license and then meet the power company because the ice storm pulled down a wire. But once that was done... I was still awake! So I decided to go ride. It was 65 degrees!!! And Sunny!!! 

I loaded up both boys and we headed to Ashland. I got on Fleck first and we did some dressage work. He was really good. We worked on our leg yielding and turn on the forehands and then worked on some canter stuff. Then as we were almost done another girl showed up and started lunging her 3 year old. Fleck lost his mind!! He's 16 going on 4!! He just couldn't focus anymore. He was neighing and just being silly!! But it made me giggle. I'm glad he feels this good. But we did manage to work through that and get some pretty decent canter to walk to canters. And we managed a lovely medium trot. :) I took him on a trail ride to cool him down and the fool jigged and called the whole way. Seriously Fleck!! :) 
Then it was Dan's turn and as far as I could tell, Fleck pawed and jostled the trailer the entire time we were gone. Good grief!!!

But it was a glorious day! I even got a sunburn!



  1. I believe sick days should be spent however you like :)