Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lesson and Snow!

I had a lesson with Cindy and it started to snow just as we were finishing....It was a good lesson. I just need to remember my anatomy and make sure I'm sitting straight and even on both seat bones. And Cindy cracks me up... four months of no lessons and it's straight back to work. "so pick up your canter and then cut across the short diagonal, flying change to the other lead and then a three loop serprentine". What/!?! Cindy!!! We don't know how to do that!!! hee hee.. But surprisingly, we did manage to get the first change! :) :)  We might just make that bronze medal Flecky!!

Anyways, we headed home as the snow started to fall. By the time we got home, it was accumulating fairly well. So of course, I had to get snow pictures. But in the fun that occured... Danny, Emma, and Wyatt got in big trouble. Doh!! They got a little carried away and Danny ended up trompling Willow, who luckily was perfectly fine. And then Danny kept trying to get Mike to play by rearing up near him. Mike was not amused. So we finally had to go in. But I did manage to get some cute pictures first. :)

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