Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fitness Day!

Good day!!!

Well, aside from Danny being a butt! And then finding the neighbors junk on my fence. Argh!!! I was so mad I was flinging logs over the fence into their yard! Poor Fleck... he just stood there like "oh crap... Mom is PISSED!". I told him it was fine... I'd be fine by the time we got to the horse park. And I was!
I had been wanting to go to the horse park for a change of scenery and to do some gallops. I was thinking of hitting up the orange trail for my warm up, then trotting down the river path, then finishing up in the field for my gallops. But... I apparently picked the blue trail instead. Which was like... extreme!! It was steep, narrow, slippery, and... extreme!! We were unable to trot the whole time. Doh! But it was a good work out. We did trot along the river trail and then ended up at the steeplechase field. I extended our trot a bit to get more trot time by circling around the island. As we came around I let him canter. Unfortunately a family of three had just come out. Doh! Luckily I was able to gallop past them without incident. We went fast!! Fleck was ready to gallop! So then we walked to the creek crossing, but opted to take the road crossing because it looked slick. Then I hit the path again and trotted but didn't canter. It wasn't great footing for a gallop. So we did our second gallop at the other field and it was an actual gallop set, not a canter set. So then we walked and trotted back home. 

Not quite what I had in mind... formula wise, but quite the fitness work out anyways. We did 6.45 miles in an hour, with a top speed of 24 mph. Hee hee... Not that fast, but oh well. It was a great day with my friend and he made me get over my grumpyness.

Then it was date night with Mike and we went to the Optimist!! Whoo hooo!!!!

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