Monday, February 17, 2014

Grid day Again!


Another doozy!! We started with the ever widening oxer. Really tough for us. But we managed to get some really nice ones. Especially when I did my alternating half halts and insisted he not canter between the ground pole and take off. 

Then we moved on to a bounce, vertical, one stride pole, one stride pole, one stride pole, bounce, vertical, bounce. Egads! That was tough. I managed to just about get it except for that last bounce. I finally figured it out. Beth kept saying landing half halt and release, but that made me do two half halts which was.. icky. So I started just landing into the half halt... in other words, (in my brain at least), I would land with more connection and hold it rather than following as he landed. Not pulling back, but just putting up that wall. And it worked :) Yay!!

So then we reversed it and did the grid line to the oxer to the grid line to the oxer and various variations. It was slinky work. :)

But we had fun. As usual. And Fleck was a bit winded, so we'll definitely need to work on our fitness and wind now that the weather is hopefully cooperating!