Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow day moonlighting!

Alright... work was cancelled again tonight! Yay!! Though it probably would have been fine to get there. But... I'm not arguing. 

That meant that I had some time. It was still icy enough at the top of the driveway that I was a little hesitant to try to get the truck and trailer out. And then Ashland Farm was closed, so... I figured I wouldn't risk it. So I opted to clean my tack. And then I couldn't stand it. I had just enough daylight left (YAY!! Spring IS coming!) so I hopped on bareback and did some lateral work at the walk. We didn't accomplish much, but it made Fleck and I so much happier! Seriously... He has been pouty the last few days and after the ride tonight, he was in MUCH better spirits. :) 


 Yep... that would be the moon. :)


  1. FUN! Love your Appy. Gotta love some spots, I have some of my own! ;-) Hard to believe that spring is around the corner- I heard a frog today and a bunch of gnats hatched in my yard. It was really warm, too.

  2. Love the pics from your ride, wish my horse would stand so I could take those :-)