Saturday, September 12, 2015


So...maybe I had more time doing ER work. But I do love my job! Unfortunately I haven't been able to ride since my lesson. But no worries. Today was a great day!
It is a high of 76!! And nice and cool! And tonight the low is in the 50's. GLORIOUS! I took both boys to Ashland and hopped on Fleck first. It was still a bit overcast and chilly so we did our fitness work. We did 20 minutes of walk and then 20 minutes of trotting, as usual, finding all the hills we could. Then we did a little walk break while I talked to Liz. Then we did 3x3 canter sets in the big field. Fleck wanted to gallop though!!! So most of that was a gallop and not a canter. Wheee!!! He feels great. :) I also made sure that we did most of our work "on the bit" and round instead of just western pony style. 

So yep. It was a great ride. He was breathing heavy but not very loud and didn't seem very winded. We took a quick hack before heading in and his breathing was improved almost immediately. Whoo hooo.

Now to just make sure that I can schedule myself some riding time so that we're ready for Windridge. That means some dressage and jump schools too. :)


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