Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fancy Pants

Today we worked on not going backwards with my seat. For some reason Fleck tends to encourage me to fall back in my seat. I'm not slamming into him, but I'm not encouraging an upward lifting stride either. So I need to think about my seat going up and forward (similar to the difference between posting up and down and posting more foreward). We also worked on leaping up into the canter. Or bouncing up into it. We're not diving down into our canters and we're especially not throwing our heads up but dropping our withers into the canter. Then we did some serpentines with walk to trot to walk, worked on half pass to the rail (got an AWESOME right half pass)!, and then walk to turn on the forehand (inside hind goes INTO the bend) to the canter from there. Then counter canter to walk, to turn on forehand to canter again. Then counter canter from walk. Good stuff

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