Sunday, September 20, 2015

Busy Friday and Lazy Sunday

Friday was a ridiculously long day but I got out of bed early and headed to Ashland. Kelli was running a bit behind so Fleck and I did a 15 minute walk and then did some hill work. We then headed to the ring and got started on our flat work. And yeah.. it's been awhile since we did any flatwork other than in lessons. Any serious flat work at least. But it was good. Kelli came and joined us and got video of us running through the prelim test, but my camera misbehaved and she only caught the tail end of it.
Practicing the Prelim Test
Meh.. it wasn't our best, but it wasn't too bad either. It was nice to see the video so I know where we're at. So... I need to sit up a bit more to encourage him to get a bit more on the hindquarters. Our lengthen definitely needs more lengthen and less rush. And he was a bit fussy during the leg yield to the left, but... progress. (that wasn't even on video but I knew I needed to work on it). But it wasn't too horrible either. So... hopefully we can finesse it up a bit before Windridge.
Then we went on a quick hack and then it was time to go see all my patients.

Saturday I took a "Mike and Holly" day and didn't ride. It was fun though. I had to adjust a dog in the morning and then we went to Skyzone, the trampoline place. It was fun. For about 30 minutes. Then we were just exhausted. Then we went to the Lawrenceville Festival and walked around a bit, killing time until Oyster Happy Hour at the Optimist. YAY!! I had 3 dozen yummy oysters! I still spent $36 on oysters, but it was way better than $100. :) Then we came home and I typed up all my reports from the day before.

So anyways, when I woke up Sunday my neck was so stiff on the left side. Ugh... I can barely move it. Stupid trampoline flipping. I spent the day catching up. I went to Church, adjusted one, went to the grocery store and then cleaned the house. So then I was pretty tired by the time I got to ride. I rode Dan first so that I could have a sunset ride with Fleck. We just mostly hacked around but I tried to find hills and I also did some trotting and cantering. We even played a little in the field and worked on a few of the test movements. Though it's hard to do fancy dressage with XC length stirrups. :) But it was a good day and put me in a better mood. :)

 A great way to end the weekend.

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