Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spooky Boy

Today was another overcast day but at least the rain wasn't as prevalent. It was just cloudy and icky. We had lunch with Chan and Britt and Wes and Natalie for Chans' birthday so it was 5 pm before I could go ride. I met Cindy to get my saddles checked and reflocked. Thank goodness as they were desperately needing them. 

I hopped on to see how they were fitting and Fleck was spooky and weird. But the saddle felt better. Then I put the jump saddle on and it felt MUCH better! It was easier to keep my leg where it belonged. Yay!! So hopefully I can fix my position now for good. 

So then after Cindy left I put the dressage saddle back on and attempted to fix the dressage. Fleck was still a bit up and spooky but we got some nice work. We ran through the test a few times and worked on balancing the lengthens and balancing the downward transitions. 

Then we went for a short hack to see if we could see the super moon. Nope... :( Too many clouds. Bummer. But it was a fun hack. Despite all the deer spooking us. :)


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